6 business ideas for Nigerian Retirees and people above 50

They say everything that has a beginning must have an end. Retirement becomes a prospect from the very first day of employment. At retirement, most adults have acquired an enviable wealth of experience that it would be a shame if it is never utilized again.

Retirement is the best time to pursue ones passion which long hours of work during active years did not allow.

Most people at retirement are agile, full of life, and still enjoy optimal mental functioning. Retirement must not force ones life to a full halt. There are activities or ventures a retiree can engage in, either for leisure or for needed income that may accrue. Here are cool jobs retirees can undertake in other to keep afloat.

# Investment

Usually at retirement, most retirees are paid off handsomely. Also, after long years of employment, people amass some fortune. In any case, new retirees are usually not in shortage of cash.

It is economically unwise to allow money to idle away. A retiree can use the funds to create and generate more wealth. A retiree with good business acumen, can venture into business. Or he/she can invest the fortune into the business of others in return for profits.

A retiree can invest in government bonds, real estate, shares and stocks, etc. Retirement is the best time to make smart moves that allow you to sit back and allow your money to work for you. Wise investments make that possible.

#Consulting services
Retirees have an invaluable wealth of experience. They can offer these experience to different organizations where such is lacking. A retiree can set up a Consulting firm where he/she would share his/her wealth of experience, in exchange for a fee. The consultation they render can help an organization solve it’s problems, or help expand their businesses or expertise.

Lease and renting are easy and convenient ventures a retiree can engage in. It does not require much input once a person has ownership of a property that can be leased or rented. Properties that are highly sort for lease or renting include houses, agricultural equipment, canopy, chairs, vehicles, heavy duty machines, etc.

#Cultural Centre
In this generation of declining traditional values, a retiree can set up a Center dedicated to preserving and reviving our culture and the African heritage at large.

Traditional tales, folktales, slave trade, colonialism, and cultural narratives can be discussed at the Center. A retiree can collect cultural artifacts from different backgrounds and display them at the Center. Such a Center would attract pupils on excursion from different schools, University students, researchers and international tourists.

Farming is one venture that is suitable for both the young and the old. Farm work could be as simple as growing a home garden or as complex as undertaking large-scale farming. A retiree need not pile the heaps or ridges himself, he can pay for the services of labours to perform any the manual labour required. Other agricultural ventures include fish farming, bird rearing, piggery, cultivation and harvest, manure and fertilizer sale and supply, etc.

Politics is a good career path to join after years of meritorious service. Considering that the Civil Service does not encourage partisan politics among civil servants, after retirement is the best time to get involved in politics actively. A retiree can content elections or act as a decision making elder Statesman.

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