2018 Award Winning Physiotherapy Service Provider Joins Our Healthcare Platform


Wellpath Physiotherapy and Wellness Limited ( Winner of the Physiotherapy Service provider of the year) is now offering members of NARP50PLUS 20% discount on Physiotherapy And Occupational therapy.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy help heal people affected by injury, illness, or disability through the use of exercise therapy, manual therapy, ultrasound, traction, taping, electro therapy and pilates physiotherapy.

10% discount on Hydrotherapy.
This programme soothes arthritis related pain and improves mobility, reduces stress, improves sleep, and restoring muscle strength with full body exercises in a warm water pool.

10% discount on Senior Citizens Active living Program.
This eight week program involves a combination of exercises that target muscles and joints in the legs, arms and core.

10% on Inpatient Rehabilitation Centre.
Admission to the center is to recuperate usually after a discharge from an acute care hospital.

Pls visit www.wellpathphysiotherapy.com for more information.

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