Communal Living – Written by Esther Osadua


Communal Living – Written by Esther Osadua

A saying goes “A tree doesn’t make a forest”. This can be applied to the human world as well. We thrive in an atmosphere of healthy friendships, relationships and interactions.

We strive to become good at what we do so as to be better versions of ourselves, make an impact in society and make our loved ones proud.

Over a year ago a pandemic broke out bringing all activities to an abrupt halt. It lingered for months and it was as though the world would come to an end. Many people missed out on events and activities because we were constrained to stay indoors to ease the spread of the virus.
Alternatively, we could connect on social networks for communication purposes but still, it was no match for physical interaction.

At that point, it dawned on us how important we need one another to survive. It was a tough time which we pray doesn’t come to play in the history of mankind again.
At the ease of the lockdown, it was a delight to reconnect with friends and family again.

A speaker once said and I quote ” Give a man access to the vaults of all the financial institutions and let him be the only one on the face of the earth,it is but nothing to him”.

We organize events and we look forward to seeing guests come to grace the occasion. It is said that the beauty of an event is in the presence of attendees, not in the sumptuous meals nor eye-catching decors.

At the end of it all, it is not only in the substance we acquire but also in the quality relationships we invest in, afterall it takes a human to sustain a legacy after the visioneer passes on.

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