A Few Beauty Secrets for the 50pluser

A Few Beauty Secrets for the 50pluser

After reading basic make-up tips for older women from an article by Lois J Johnson of the AARP, there are tricks that resonate and are simple to adopt. These tricks will make a huge difference in your looks. It can also save you a couple of thousand Naira usually spent on makeup artists.


1.   Apply facial creams, moisturizers, Vaseline and oils from the center of your face outwards, from the base of your neck and work upwards to your jawline, from chin to ears and beneath your nose to cheekbones and to temples. This method done in a gentle circular movement helps circulation, soothe the skin and in the long term minimizes sagging or downward pull on facial skin.

2.   Apply your eyebrow makeup before your eye makeup. Except you have permanent eyebrow it’s advised to fill and extend your eyebrow before using eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow. It gives you a better eye frame to work with and also use a shade or two lighter for your brow for us with dark hair. If you have light hair, then you can go a shade darker to fill the brow.

3.   Sculpturing our eyebrows is usually a challenge. The simple rule is to line up eyebrow to begin from your inner eye corner and end at the outer corner of your eye. Fill in the brow with small, hair like upward pencil stroke and ensure you do not droop your eyebrow. Comb brow hairs up and fill bottom to top with pencil and or powder.

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4.   Our faces become asymmetrical as we age. Our eyebrows are no longer twins and the shape of our lips has changed and our skin has crinkled in different areas. Don’t try to cover up with too much makeup. Go with the flow of your developing facial structure, it will give your face more personality and individuality.

5.   Aging eyelids are a beauty to behold and can be enhanced by creating a new eyelid crease. We are told to forget the old rules about using a light shadow on the lid and a deeper color to contour. Go darker on the eyelids with a medium shade and blend it from the lash line upwards and over the real crease. Keep the edge of the brow soft making the eyes look bigger and stronger.

6.   Lay emphasis on the center of your face for makeup. Begin from your nose and its surrounding area, apply foundation from the center and work outwards to your jaw, ears and hairline. Go over it again with your foundation brush like a painter blending the makeup and skin together seamlessly. So, focus more on the center of your face where most make up coverage is required.

7.   Use makeup sponge to freshen a make up overdose or retouch makeup during the day and not to apply makeup as they suck up more makeup than required. Its expensive using a sponge to apply makeup.  A make up sponge is for maintaining a desired look. Always have one in your bag and run under warm water to clean. You can also use the damp sponge to add moisture to your face.

8.   Turn your favourite lipstick to a matte or muted one by dabbing it with a glittery, shimmery powder. This tip helps to keep the lipstick long lasting, glittery and shimmery. This also helps to tone down too bold and bright shades that may not be age appropriate.

The above are only guidelines and tips. Most of us the 50plusers are set in our makeup ways and find it difficult to adapt. However change is always constant; therefore one or two of the above tips will definitely be beneficial to our overall beauty regime. Adopt a few and lets age gracefully.