A Public Duty

A Public Duty

We all need to take action and support each other during this pandemic. The government alone cannot contain this without the full participation of the public.

We need to be aware of what is going on in other countries, the devastation this virus is causing and the development in the fight against COVID-19. We should also follow announcements and ongoings in Nigeria. With the first death recorded in Abuja claiming the life of a former MD of PPMC at 67, it is now a horrific reality within our shores.

We must not take this lightly at all and ensure we play our part in this fight for survival against an invisible enemy invading our way of life. Utmost appeal is also being made to members that have pre-existing conditions to be highly proactive.

We must band together in solidarity to protect one another by engaging in social restrictions and distancing. Let us reduce unnecessary contacts and like someone said, “ your solitude can be a gift of life to those that are highly vulnerable to this infection”.

Cancel all social activities and encourage others to postpone their programs if your government has not enforced a lockdown already. This is a period to hunker down and enjoy your selves with your family. Consider it a long vacation and a public duty.

Preventive hygiene practices by thorough handwashing with soap and water is another effective intervention in curtailing the spread of the virus while ensuring we keep our hands away from our faces.

Above all be propelled by your faith during this unsettling period. We should not let fear replace our faith. This period shall surely pass.

Stay Safe, Stay Secured and Stay Home.

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