A Time for a Simple Life

A Time for a Simple Life

The health and safety of our members are of utmost importance especially with the older community’s vulnerability to COVID-19.

The global data show a greater majority of reported cases were in older people as they had the highest risk of respiratory illness and fatality which is our demographic.

We have three confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Lagos Nigeria presently and without drastic measures taken we may see it rise exponentially. Countries are in lockdown mode, crude oil prices have crumbled and commerce has come to a screeching halt.

We must take this issue seriously and realize it is a time for a simple life. A time to audit our activities and way of life. An upending of the world order.

I see it as an opportunity to create a new world order that will envelope compassion and social good. An order that will redefine our economic system and embrace social structures that provide safety nets for all.

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An order were developing and emerging countries like Nigeria will be introspective and realize the need to rapidly develop their tangible and intangible resources.

Members of NARP50PLUS, please lets play our part in ensuring we get ahead of COVID-19 by living a simple life at this time:

1. Social Distancing: Stay home if possible, avoid crowds, keep your activities very simple. Meetings can be done remotely or can be postponed. Connect with family, friends business associates via telephone or other forms of technology.
2. Hygiene: Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Don’t touch your face , nose eyes and avoid handshakes/ hugs. Clean and disinfect the home as much as possible.
3. Medication: Ensure you have enough prescription medication for at least a month
4. keep up to date: Listen to the news regularly to know what is happening regarding COVID-19.

Together we shall overcome this pandemic. As it is said in a Yoruba proverb ” a known upcoming war does not kill the disadvantaged”

We can slow the spread and impact of COVID-19 if we embrace the simple life.

Olubunmi Sodade
Executive Trustee