Today’s society is, trendy and often times shallow. I see it in our today’s fashion, television programming, and diets that make unrealistic promises of weight gain or loss. But being a virtuous woman, one would have to find a way to work around the woes of today’s society. A virtuous woman is a woman of moral excellence, goodness, and righteousness, conforming to ethical and moral principles. A virtuous woman is one who is devoted to the growth and education of others. She is a woman of vision and purpose who seeks the will of God for her and sees with her heart to meet needs and have Godly values.

The woman who fears God, good wife, good mother, good neighbor, hard-working, smart, obedient, patient and all other good traits that a woman could ever possess. A virtuous woman is a multitalented woman who can do anything for her loved ones. She works hard and helps her husband in providing the needs of the family. She gets up in the morning to work and do her responsibilities; she takes care of the people that work with her. She is dependable, people can rely on her.

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A virtuous woman is a strong one, a caring mother/woman, she knows how to deal with situations wisely and diligently. A woman that analyzes logically and comes up with good decisions. She knows how to take care of business, she is resourceful, and at the same time has compassion to care for other people, specially the needy ones. She knows how to handle life challenges, she has a strong conviction. A virtuous woman gains respect from the entire family and people around her, they look up to her and she has a good reputation.

A virtuous woman does not only take care of others but also herself, she stays healthy and wears modest apparel.