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The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has released a travel advisory to protect passengers from the epidemic ravaging some countries and to prevent the spread of such communicable diseases into Nigeria.

They have advised that passenger and other airport users should comply with all quarantine procedures at all airports in the country.

The advisory is connected to the deadly virus known as CORONAVIRUS which broke out in China, killing nine people with over 471 already infected. The virus is highly communicable and has already spread to Chinese border countries like Japan, Thailand and South Korea. Washington DC has also confirmed the first case on US soil on Tuesday.

FAAN in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health have confirmed the adequacy of the facilities at the nation’s airports to prevent the importation of the virus.

The disease is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract and there is human-to-human transmission of the disease. 14 doctors and nurses operating on a patient unknown to be carrying the virus were all infected suggesting how easy it spreads. The elderly are also highly vulnerable to contracting this disease, especially those with pre existing conditions.

Our prayer is that the intensity used to stamp out Ebola by the authorities will also be used to prevent the importation of this disease into Nigeria.

To our Seniors, please be vigilante, be safe and be healthy.

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