NEVER GIVE UP By Senator Lanre Tejuoso

Narp plus

Sometimes in my quiet moment I reflect on the state of our nation. I think about how sick Nigeria really is. Our Healthcare sector, Power, Petroleum Industry, Education, Labor, etc. My mind scouts through the hardship our people have been going through for years.

Let me share a personal story with you. Some years back, an attempt was made on my life. For reasons I cannot explain some people felt threatened by my political presence & wanted me killed. It was a trying time for me & my family. I recall withdrawing from politics.

A day came when I had a conversation with my father. He suggested two options. The first option implied if I would prefer to live out the rest of my days, being fully aware of the enormous challenges in our society & I choose to ignore or chicken out from the possibility of helping…Or I dust myself & get back in the political game to fight for what I believed.

I chose the latter, the rest is history.

We cannot give up on Nigeria. I read a young man’s comment here some weeks ago in which he was very hostile. Even in his disrespect I responded to him. He thought I will block him but I didn’t. I cannot. I understand his frustration which stems from a history of failed leadership. But he (& most like him) must come to a deliberate resolution to never give up. To be willing to trust again. To be willing to try again.

I believe that if we can agree to make this country better it will be. Starting from obeying the traffic light, obeying the law & its officers.

I am pushing for an amendment on the NHIS act to include payment of N200 by every Nigerian. If you pay N200, you can have access to basic healthcare & we can equip our hospitals. We can improve our standards so greatly that our doctors in diaspora can return to join us.

I hope the amendment passes this quarter. My target is 100million Nigerians. In a month we can raise N20 billion. In a year that is N240 billion. If we can do this judiciously over the course of the next 5 years, I guarantee you that we will not recognize our own health sector after comparing to what we have today.

The success of our country greatly depends on us. I am not naive of the blow corruption has dealt our nation & how immensely it has frustrated many great efforts/ideas. But in case you haven’t noticed, this 8th Senate is none like any other.

The 8th Senate, under the leadership of a fellow medical doctor, has been at the forefront of repositioning our nation. We believe. We will never give up.

Have a blessed week.

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