Week 1: Sexual Performance Enhancers

Week 1: Sexual Performance Enhancers

Sexual performance enhancers are therapies or drugs used to improve sexual activities in both men and women, who for one reason or the other can’t perform well without enhancers. Both genders are affected by sexual dysfunctions and it can occur at any age but is most common in the geriatric population as a result of decline in health associated with aging. With adequate therapy and management both genders can have normal sex lives. The most common sexual dysfunctions are:

– Premature ejaculation (reaching orgasm too quickly)
– Retrograde ejaculation (semen travels into the bladder)
– Low libido (reduced interest in sex)
– Erectile dysfunction (difficulty keeping or sustaining and erection)

There are various reasons humans may experience sexual dysfunctions, some of which could be psychological or physical.
The necessary treatment can only work if a Doctor properly diagnoses the underlying causative factors behind the sexual dysfunction. In men, the sexual ability generally diminishes with age.

Other causative factors of sexual dysfunction are:
– Drugs (anti-hypertensive, antidepressants, diabetic medication)
– Diseases (hypertension, diabetes, stroke, hormonal imbalance, cancers, STD’s)
– Accident and surgery
– Lifestyle (smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism, obesity, lack of physical activity)
– Depression
– Trauma from past events
– Work related stress and anxiety
– Marital or relationship problems
– Finance

Sexual performance can be drastically improved if the causative factors are addressed and managed appropriately. Quite a number of quick fix herbal and pill remedies claiming to cure sexual dysfunctions are readily available on the market however, there are simple ways to cure the scourge of sexual dysfunction. It is vital to understand the fact, the human sexual organs depend on blood flow to the organs to properly function and ensuring adequate blood circulation is key for sexual health.

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There are two types of medical treatments for sexual dysfunction, they are:
1. Natural Treatment:
– Exercise, this enhances blood circulation to vital organs around the body
– Diet, a healthy balanced diet is essential to well being, such a diet should include vegetables, fruits, water, spices, eggs, omega 3,
– Reduced stress
– Lifestyle modification (avoid alcohol, smoking etc.)
2. Treatment with Medication:
– Medications such as tadalis, viagra, levitra, and Cialis are used to improve erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow to the penis. Lidocaine can be used to topically as a spray or cream to reduce sensitivity, allowing for a more delayed ejaculation.
– Hormones (testosterone replacement therapy can be used for men with low levels of testosterone)
– Mechanical aids, vacuum devices and penile implants may help some men
– Psychological therapy (a therapist can help counselling against anxiety attacks, fear, guilt that may affect sexual function)
– Communication and education (effective open communication with ones partner about needs and concerns helps to alleviate sexual dysfunction. Education of sexual behaviors and responses also helps) In my experience as a community pharmacist, it has observed that there is currently an increase in the abuse of oral sexual enhancers. People tend to buy these products not because they need them or have been prescribed them by a medical professional; most people often rely on information they get from friends and associates.

Nowadays teenagers come into the pharmacy asking for enhancers and when asked to provide a prescription they unable to provide one, claiming their friend told them” it makes sex more pleasurable”. I think most of these men do not need these drugs but use them to outdo themselves whilst proving a baseless point to their partners. Patients should also be thoroughly counselled by caregivers who have pre-existing medical conditions, which can cause sexual dysfunctions so they know what to expect and how to manage the adverse effects that they may arise with their medication. Medication should only be introduced if natural therapy has failed. I have not seen any sexual performance enhancer that works for women. This is not to say women do not have sexual dysfunctions too but I believe men take this sex thing way more overboard than women.


About Adenike Adiat

Adenike Adiat is an energetic, insightful, forward-thinking and a committed licensed pharmacist from Igbinedion University with eight years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She is certified food and health expert from Stanford university.

She has worked with reputable organizations like Sanisphere Nigeria, klavid pharmaceuticals ltd ,Keylife Pharmacy and presently the CEO of Estrander Pharmaceuticals ltd in Port Harcourt. She is presently the Public Relations Officer of the Association of Lady Pharmacists.
She loves travelling and currently on a project of gathering information  on best practices used in running a successful pharmacy all over the world.

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