Starting a business at age 50 plus

Starting a business at age 50 plus

For us at NARP50plus we believe that age should be a springboard and not a hindrance to pursuing goals, dreams and aspirations. All around us we see evidence of those who have defied the traditional thinking of age limitation.

It is time to disrupt the status quo and launch out into the deep to achieve great things by unlocking experiences and transferring skills attained over the years to new business ideas or opportunities.

Mary Kay started her cosmetics business at a later age and ran the business to age 83, transforming the cosmetics industry forever. It is also known that Warren Buffet earn 99% of his profit after age fifty while the founders of McDonalds, Coca cola, and Kentucky Fried Chicken were all over fifty.

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The advantages of starting a business, pursuing a passion or monetizing a hobby at age fifty and over are many and diverse. The children are all grown and as empty nesters its time to start living on your terms.

Age is definitely an asset in business, as it comes with a mix of freedom, experience and confidence. There are numerous testimonies of people over fifty going on to establish successful businesses and creating a legacy for their families.

At NARP50plus we advice our members not to be afraid, fear has no place in entrepreneurship. By starting a business, pursuing a passion or a nagging idea, one is about to start the best part of life. It’s never too late.