Wearing of Non Medical Face Mask


Recently, the debate to wear facemasks as another layer of protection from the coronavirus infection has been making the rounds.

After much thought to it and logical reasoning, we at NARP50PLUS agree with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention that wearing facemasks when unable to maintain the prescribed distance or when in public is an important weapon within our arsenal of protection.

It is therefore recommended to all NARP50PLUS members to wear cloth facemask covering in public settings to help prevent community based transmission. Every member should try to do their part in preventing the virus from spreading by mask wearing even with no symptoms to protect each other from this horrible pandemic.

Countries like China, South Korea and Thailand have linked wearing of masks with the slower infection rates experienced in their countries. It is to this end that we strongly recommend facemasks.

In addition to wearing facemasks, we must also remember to wash our hands, avoid touching our face, practice physical distancing, stay home and enjoy the isolation.

The mask must fit snugly against your face, covering both your nose and your mouth. When removing the mask, take it off by pulling on the straps from behind your ears and avoid touching the front and immediately wash the mask.

Above all, we pray that our land is delivered and healed from this pandemic. May God shower His mercies on us all Amen.

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