Nigeria’s Travel Outfits For The World Cup Might Just Be The Coolest Thing Ever

By Josh Lawless

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You’re probably bored of us telling you how good Nigeria’s World Cup kit is by now after the many articles we’ve done covering the Super Eagles’ eye-catching shirt.

In fact, we already know that you’ve had enough of the Nigeria kit hype because, no matter what article, you’ve filled our comments section and had something to say about it.

But you’ll have to prepare some more great banter because we’re bringing you another story on Nigeria and their fashion – though this time it’s not their kits.

While the majority of squads have jetted to Eastern Europe in their designer suits, obviously Nigeria were never going to follow the mold and made sure their travel attire stood out from the rest of the pack.

Just look at what John Obi Mikel and the rest of the lads have turned up in. They’ve worn the style/fashion contest yet again by embracing their culture: traditional Nigerian dress and trilby hat being the outrageous but utterly superb combination.

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