Ten Reasons to be motivated to exercise

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1. To Fight Diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
2. To lose weight and keep it off by regular workouts and being very active
3. To look better as exercise firms the body, improves posture and makes the skin glow.
4. To have more energy as it makes you feel better
5. To fight infections as exercise helps to reduce colds and upper respiratory infections. Regular exercises significantly reduces sickness
6. To fight joint pain by strengthening the muscles around damaged joints
7. To strengthen the back. Exercise with known limitations can help a bad back.
8. To fight insomnia. Although exercise energizes, it will eventually wear out and fatigue will set in and mother nature will take over.
9. To slow the effects of aging as regular workouts reduces the loss of muscles and bones. It improves circulation, reduces inflammation, protects against dementia, improves memory and other cognitive functions.
10. To live to see your children’s children. Exercise promotes longevity.

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