As technology, innovation and knowledge continue to drive our existence, the limits of socio-economic inclusiveness for the aging demographic is increasingly being tested. The perception that full participation must be tentatively measured beyond certain age limits must now be met with a paradigm shift.

NARP 50 plus, sets out to unleash the collective strength of the gracefully ageing by seeking out and achieving an enhanced value proposition for their vital interests in the market place.

The NARP 50 plus pledge is to leverage on the syndicated bargaining power of this economically vital demographic to achieve the best value for members when they purchase vital goods and services.

With valuable relationships in key industries such as Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Life Style, Healthcare, ………..NARP 50 plus has established the required relationships with most service providers and will interface with your more personal, less accessible ones to negotiate the best value for the money you spend as you fulfill your commercial and social pursuits.

Our members individually and collectively will enjoy the exceptional privileges and respect that their years of labour entitles them to.

NARP is a non-governmental, nonpartisan, advocacy association for people of 50 years-old and over that is committed to addressing issues that will enhance their experience in participating in socio-economic activities that matter most to them.

NARP has a service platform that rests on the following pillars:

Family :
The Family is the central theme of our offer at NARP. The sandwich generation; those taking care of their children and possibly grandchildren as well as their parents and grandparents concurrently, are our focus of service. At NARP 50 plus, we strive to add that additional edge to your ability to maximize value and satisfaction in spite of the challenges of juggling competing responsibilities.

Health :
With access to good quality and affordable healthcare becoming a growing issue for the ageing, NARP is committed to ensuring that members are presented with a variety of good options for enhancing the overall value of their healthcare service experience. Our experience and belief in the effectiveness of our tested, structured and professional advocacy framework will ensure that the 50 plus demographic can rest assured that we’ve got their back. Whether it is cost related or service quality related, NARP 50 plus will be there to support members and ensure that they get an enhanced experience through publications that will be circulated to members, NARP 50 plus will bring information, awareness and access to advances emerging in the medical, pharmaceutical and homeopathic space through our partnerships.

Wealth :
The fear of not having the resources to live a financially independent and decent life, outliving ones’ savings, loss of job or an economic downturn is mitigated through your membership of NARP 50 plus through financial tools that will be made available to members.

The need to provide well researched, up to date, secure and trustworthy advice and information to the 50 plus demographic to reduce the fears and risks of inflation on pension values is recognized at NARP 50 plus

Our Values

NARP is committed to providing a voice to the members of the association. To provide exceptional member service, grow and sustain membership by

Viewing every service interaction as an opportunity to build member loyalty
Providing consistent positive and memorable service to members
Developing a reputation for unsurpassed service to members
Providing benefits that exceed the membership fees.

Our Values

Gold Members:NGN50,000:00
Silver Members:NGN25,000:00
Bronze Members:NGN10,000:00